Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hair Trends 2011 - Natural Tousled Hair

One of the looks that's been hitting the scene this past year, is long natural flowing hair that looks as if you've just rolled out of bed, and tamed it just a bit.  It's was the popular style at this year's Victoria Secrets fashion show, and it's sure to carry on through 2011.

*To get the look, wash, condition and let it air dry.

*For straight hair, add some mousse to give it volume.  Then take a curling iron, if you wish to add waives or curles, and wrap it around the barrel just long enough to get some curl, but not long enough to make it really curly.  Wait for your hair to cool, and then separate the curls into waives.

*For wavy hair, pin into finger waves just before it drys. Then let it dry, and take out the pins.

*For curly hair, roll small sections of the hair (about 1 inch) into rollers and let dry. Rollers will help to smooth out the curls and make them longer.

** Then use with holding spray. :)

Have fun!

Short Tousled Hair

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