Sunday, October 30, 2011

If Today Was Your Last Day

"If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback the perfect song.  My sister, Jane, who is just the best person in the world, and probably the world's greatest motivator.  Last year, just before I moved to Seattle, she sent me this song. We are both big believers in following your dreams no matter what happens. I'd been in the same job for almost 10 years and I was unhappy. I knew there was more out there than what I'd been doing, and I was aching for a change, and was planning my move to Seattle, then eventually making my way to Canada.  I had yet to decide on a date to leave. I was nervous yet excited, but was still doing what'd I'd always been doing...waiting.  So, I played the song AND followed long by reading the lyrics. The song was my moment of clarity. I new if I didn't make the change, I'd die regretting it. 2 months later I was in Seattle.

Due to the economy, I had to come back to Texas. The job market wasn't that great, so I decided to move back and save some money.

The dream I'm working towards now, is to one day live in Canada, and I'm headed up there next month!  Again, I'd been playing around with dates, and pondering if it was a good idea to go. Playing around with the "What ifs."  Again, my sister swooped to the rescue. lol I swear I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm going to spending time with my family, and checking out schools to study beauty and/or music, or even something in health care... I will speak on that later. :)  But, I can't wait to see my family and visit the great land of CANADA! :D

I will tell you honestly that I am scared of what might or could happen. And, I do have constantly motivate myself to keep beliving and to keep going for it. Life is hard, that's no joke, and even harder to keep faith that our dreams can come true.  There is one great peice of advice that I've taken from Madonna. It's that if you are afraid to do something, then you must do it. I love that, and it's helped me with alot of performing on stage. EEEK! But, I would still be regretting it, if hadn't.

So, let's take that trip (or set the date, then make the plans), tell that person how you feel....take that leap of faith. The things that you wanted 10 years, 1 year ago, or even last week may not be what you want now. There will some tough times, but there will also be more great times. Things won't always be perfect, but we we learn from them. Dreams may alter or change, but never give up on them. You'll never know what might happen. 

"Life's a dance; you learn as you go." - John Michael Montgomery

What would you do if today was your last day?

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