Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 !!!!!!! FYD!!!!!!!!


FYD Period!


As I sit here right now, I am battling this. Right now, I feel that this is the darkest period before the dawn.  I'll tell you the truth, I'm scared to death! I'm at the moment where chasing my dreams feels like a losing battle. I'm not going to sugar coat it.  It feels as if my dreams are soo far away, and the more I battle the harder it gets to grab on to them.

But also as I sit here worried deeply that I'll be in the same place that I've been fighting to get away from... normality, I can tell you that I am so far away from that and so much more closer to my conquering my fears and achieving my dreams than I ever have been before!

I don't know how many readers or followers I have, but even if there is just one of you out there, I tell you this.  LOOK PAST THE DARKNESS and SEE THE LIGHT!  Even if we sit here in the complete darkness and have it surround us, even if it feels there is nothing but darkness surrounding us and taking over us, THERE IS LIGHT ALL AROUND!  We just have to stop focusing on just that dark, and see everything that the light is shining upon us.  I'm not being religious or anything of that sort, I'm stating a fact.  Even though all we see are the things that are pulling us away from our greatest love, making us feel unworthy of what our heart desires, WE MUST NOT GIVE IN to those fears! 

I'm writing to you today even in my hour of darkness, proving to you that no matter what there is a light.  I tend to worry too much, and I have a huge tendancy to get tunnel vision. And when that happens I lose sight on all of the things that can help get me out of whatever it is that's pulling the blind over my eyes.  

Whatever it is you're, WE, are scared of, in the end sometimes it's out of our hands. My true and only advice today is to NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT!  I don't care what it is you're battleing, don't give in. Fight it with all of your strength, so that even it takes longer to get to the light switch to turn the lights on and you trip on everything making your way over, you will have made it. 

Don't let the fear take over.  Again, even if it takes us longer that we expected or planned, our dreams will come true!

We will conquer our fears this year and achieve our dreams!!!

Also, conguering our fears doesn't mean that the fear will go away neccessarily, it means that the fear will now stop us. Let fear be our modivator. :) As Madonna said: "If I fear something, it means that I have to do it."


YAY!  We're on our way!!!!!!!!

Happy 2012!


Teresa :)

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